How To Check An Amazon Giftcard Balance?


How To Check An Amazon Giftcard Balance?

Amazon Gift Card Balance: Amazon and some other famous websites allow you to earn Amazon Gift Cards against the services that you offer them. For example, you might be asked to fill out a survey form or sell an item of yours online in order to earn an Amazon Gift Card. A gift card typically has some balance or points in it with the help of which you can make purchases on Amazon.

Whenever you want to buy something from Amazon, the first thing that clicks your mind is to check your Gift Card Balance so that you may know if you can buy that item with your present card or you need to arrange something else. So let us learn how we can check our Amazon Gift Card Balance.

How To Check An Amazon Giftcard Balance

Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

Go to Amazon, provide your Email ID and Password and then click on the Sign-in button in order to sign in to Amazon as shown in the following image: Enter your Email ID and Password to Access Amazon

Once you manage to sign in to Amazon successfully, click on Your Account tab as highlighted in the image shown below: Click on Your Account Tab

Click on the Gift Cards tab. The Gift Cards Tab

Now click on the link saying, “View Gift Card Balance and Activity” in order to try your Amazon Gift Card Balance. Click on View Gift Card Balance and Activity Link to Check your Amazon Gift Card balance as soon as you will click on this link, your Amazon Gift Card Balance will appear on your screen.

If you have a gift card then you might curious to check the balance of a gift card. Now Amazon will allow you to check the balance of gift card except applying to your account.

Amazon Check Gift Card Balance

Amazon Gift Cards For Occasions

The brand’s ideals mean a complacency is never an option. any time you visit, there will be new categories added. the public finds it difficult to choose gifts, especially during the festive season. Rather than gifting your loved ones arid fruits or sweets, choose Amazon gift cards. And give them the chance to choose their own gifts. With Amazon gift cards, the probability of them dumping your gifts will become naught. So, go for Amazon gift cards for Diwali, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, your anniversary or someone’s birthday. Your loved ones will consider you thoughtful.

Amazon Gift Cards For Corporate Gifting

How to get Amazon Gift Card For Free

Can you not make your mind about the right corporate gift? How about Amazon gift cards for your employees, clients, and partners? With Amazon gift cards, you leave the choice up to them. They can pick the best-in-class Bose headphones. Or select the Canon lens they were after. You give them the option of using the gift to buy something for their loved ones. Or for themselves. Use Amazon gift cards, and you will remove the possibility of your gift ending in the bin. Your clients won’t get a more thoughtful gift. And they will tell you the same.

How to get Amazon Gift Card For Free

There are multiple ways to get an Amazon gift card or Amazon gift card for free. You may use loyalty points from your HDFC Solitaire Credit Card, IndusInd Credit Card, BPCL Petro Card or RBL Credit Card to buy an Amazon gift card at no cost.

How To Redeem Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon Gift Voucher/ Gift cards can be redeemed and converted into Amazon pay balance. These Gift vouchers can be redeemed to purchase a wide variety of products on the largest E-Commerce store in the world.

  • Visit Can be accessed through mobile app and website
  • Select Amazon Pay from the navbar: Amazon Pay is the E-wallet, usable over the amazon store.
  • Choose Add Gift card: This will open a Bar you have to enter the Gift Card Number
  • Enter Gift card number: The Gift card number is a 16 digit Alpha-Numeric code.
  • Wallet amount added successfully: The amount would get reflected in You’re Amazon pay wallet balance instantly.

How to buy Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers can be purchased from the website or Mobile application. These Gift vouchers can be purchased by using Net Banking, Credit and Debit Cards.

  • Visit The Brand page showcasing the available vouchers of Amazon.
  • Select from the given denominations & checkout: There are several denominations available for purchase to allow you to choose the denomination of your preference.
  • Pay via Debit/ Credit/ Netbanking or GYFTR Wallet: You can choose the payment mode of your choice to purchase the Gift voucher.

How to save money with Amazon Gift Card?

Shopping on or using Amazon’s app means guaranteed savings. The brand has eliminated the need for bargaining. Because it is impossible to find the same product at a cheaper price, Online or offline. A crew-neck t-shirt to an AC, You are bound to find everything – And that too, at the best price. Why else would millions of customers hold their breaths for Amazon’s Great Indian Festival?

Amazon Gift Card Balance Check


  1. From your mobile browser, go to

  2. Tap the Hamburger Menu in the top left corner, then tap Account.

  3. Scroll down and tap Manage gift card balance.

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Using Amazon App

How to get Amazon Gift Card For Free
  1. Launch the Amazon app on your phone.

  2. Tap the Hamburger Menu in the upper left corner.

  3. Tap Gift Cards & Registry in the drop-down menu.

  4. Your Gift Card Balance is displayed just under the Amazon logo.

Check Balance On Amazon Gift Card

  1. Navigate to drop down menu under your name

2. As you hover on your name, a drop down menu will appear, you can directly click on “Your Amazon Pay Balance”

OR Click on your name, “Your Account” page will open up, from there you will have an option of “Amazon Pay Balance”

3. Click on Amazon Pay Balance and you will be able to check what your balance is

Amazon gives you the ability to check the balance online without applying it to your account. You have to search a bit, but it’s there.

I use the Amazon app, the steps may vary on the website but I imagine they’ll be close.

From the app’s home, click on the upper left corner, it is three horizontal lines. That gives you a range of choices, click on Gift cards and Registry. From there, click on Gift Cards. Scroll down to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card. Clicking that takes you to a screen where you can scan or input your card’s code. Make sure you click the grey Check button, not the yellow Apply button.